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Volodymyr Yartys
Yuriy Solonin and 
Ihor Zavaliy

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Featured articles:

Hydrogen generation by hydrolysis of metals and hydrides for portable energy supply
V. Yartys, I. Zavaliy, Yu. Pirskyy, Yu. Solonin, V. Berezovets, F. Manilevich, Yu. Verbovytskyy, A. Kytsya, A. Kutsyi, C.15-37

Hydrolysis of MgH2 in MgCl2 solutions as an effective way for hydrogen generation
V. Berezovets, A. Kytsya, Yu. Verbovytskyy, I. Zavaliy, V. Yartys, C.38-52

Mg-based composites as effective materials for storage and generation of hydrogen for FC applications
D. Korablov, O. Bezdorozhev, V. Yartys, Yu. Solonin, C.53-80

Activated aluminum for hydrogen generation from water
F. Manilevich, Yu. Pirskyy, A. Kutsyi, V. Berezovets, V. Yartys, С.81-93

Ni-, Co- and Pt-based nanocatalysts for hydrogen generation via hydrolysis of NaBH4
V. Yartys, I. Zavaliy, A. Kytsya, V. Berezovets, Yu. Pirskyy, F. Manilevich, Yu. Verbovytskyy, P. Lyutyy, C.94-104


Journal articles


1. Manilevich F.D., Pirskyy Yu.K., Danil’tsev B.I., Kutsyi A., Yartys V.A. Studies of the Hydrolysis of Aluminum Activated by Additions of Ga–In–Sn Eutectic Alloy, Bismuth, or Antimony. Mater Sci 2020, 55, 536–547.

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4. Oshchapovsky I.V., Zavaliy I.Yu., Pavlyuk V.V. The investigation of hydrogen sublattice in Mg2NiHx (x = 0.3) hydride by first-principle calculations / Materials Today Communications. - 2021, 27, 102174.

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Conference presentations and public lectures


- Obtained results was presented by PPD I. Zavaliy at Ukraine-NATO Information Day (21 November 2019, Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine)

1. Berezovets V., Verbovytskyy Yu., Zavaliy I., Korablov D., Solonin Yu., Denys R., Manilevich F., Kutsyi A., Yartys  V.
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5. Kytsya A., Berezovets V., Verbovytskyy Yu., Zavaliy I., Yartys V. Modeling of kinetics of MgH2 hydrolysis // XVII Scientific Conference « Lviv Chemical Readings-2019», 02–05 June, 2019 р., Lviv, Ukraine, - М3.

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