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Exploitation of the project outcome will result in the establishment of a new promising product – hydrogen powered autonomous fuel cell systems. These are intended for use by the end-user customers, in military applications (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment) and for the non-military purposes (Center of unmanned aerial vehicles “Virage”, Ukraine). In that way, a new market for the industry participating in and supporting HYDROPOWER project AUTONOMOUS HYDROGEN POWERED PORTABLE FUEL CELL SYSTEMS FOR MILITARY APPLICATIONS will be opened up. The project will allow to realise the objective of the Science for Peace and Security Programme of NATO by assisting in performing joint research activities between the NATO country (Norway) and a NATO Partner country (Ukraine). A number of young researchers from Ukraine will have an opportunity for their training at a partner institution in Norway (Institute for Energy Technology) allowing them to grow their competence, to establish and perform collaborative activities, to publish results of their work in high profile scientific journals, to improve English language and to participate in the international conferences on the topic.In addition, the following aspects of the project impact are foreseen.

-     A better understanding the nature of the interaction between hydrogen and materials will be obtained during the development of inexpensive, light, effective materials for hydrogen storage and generation.

-     Application of innovative nanostructured complex and light metal hydrides for portable devices will contribute the technology advancement.

-     Obtained knowledge of the hydrogen technology will allow to create different applications  with low weight, volume and high energy storage capacity.

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